The Landlord agrees with the Tenant as follows –



a. that the property meets applicable legislative Housing Act standards.

b. that smoke detectors are fitted and fully operational.

c. that all electrical and gas installations in the property are up to standards dictated by legislation and have been tested, prior to the commencement of this lease by a registered CORGI and NIECC contractor.

d) any outstanding taxes and service bills have been settled;

On handover

2. On handover to ensure that the following:

To provide the tenant with 3 sets of keys
To ensure that gas and electricity supplies are connected at the property.
To ensure that all windows and doors lock securely and can be opened where appropriate.
There is no rubbish left either in the property or in the garden of the property.
That floor coverings are clean and secure throughout.
To be responsible for ensuring on the first day of the lease that the property meets the standards of the Tenant which the Tenant has made known to the Landlord including the fitting of floor coverings.
There are no items of furniture or white goods left in the property.
To be responsible for remedying any repairs during the first 3 months of the lease which come to the Tenant’s notice, not including any repairs resulting from misuse of the property by the Tenant or their Sub-Tenants and to allow the Tenant to deduct the costs of work required from rent due.
To provide to the Tenant an Energy Performance Certificate EPC for the property
3. To keep in good repair external and internal walls , window frames internal and external, chimneys, main timbers, boundary walls and fences and the drains and other services electricity, water and gas outside or inside the property Space and Water Heating appliances and any fixture or fitting which is worn out due to fair wear and tear other than neglect or willful damage by the Tenant or the Tenant’s sub-tenant and to keep the property free from pest infestation and if the Landlord shall default on such repair after reasonable notice has been given, to repay to the Tenant the Tenant’s reasonable costs of carrying out such repairs themselves.

4. To insure the property against fire, flood and other normal risks and on any event occurring giving rise to a claim upon such policy as soon as practicable and lay out the insurance money on the repair or reinstatement of the property.

5. To pay any mortgage payments that are applicable to the property and to ensure that there are no arrears on any mortgage or loans which are secured on the property.

6. Not to approach or to contact the sub-tenant at the property without the prior consent of the tenant.

7. Not to assign or dispose of the property without the prior permission of the Tenant.

8. Not to in anyway interfere with the Tenants performance of their business.


The Tenant agrees with the Landlord as follows:

9. To pay the rent monthly into a bank account nominated by the Landlord and to indemnify the Landlord against any Council Tax levied on the Landlord relating to the property during the subsistence of the lease.

10. The rent shall be guaranteed for the term of the lease provided the Landlord shall not be in breach of any terms of the lease and shall cease to be payable upon the last day of the lease or upon expiry of any notice served under the lease.

11. Should the Tenant’s income from the property be interrupted as a result of any disrepair, which is subject to a Landlord’s insurance claim or other Landlords repair obligation, the rent shall cease for the period affected.


12. Not to carry out any structural alterations to the property without the Landlord’s consent.

13. To keep the interior of the property in tenantable repair (fair wear and tear excepted) and to maintain and to repair where necessary fixtures and fittings excluding oven and hob and boiler.

14. To allow the Landlord and his or her representatives and contractors to enter the property to carry out repairs and maintenance subject to not less than 14 days reasonable notice.

15. To allow the Tenant reasonable time to complete any works that are required to bring the property back to tenantable repair at the end of the lease.

16. To return the property to the landlord at the end of the lease in tenantable repair with the exclusion of floor coverings and decorating requirements.


17. Not to sub-let the properly except upon assured shorthold tenancies whose initial term does not exceed 12 months or such other legal mechanism as shall from time to time be available so as to ensure no Sub-Tenant of the property shall obtain security of tenure.


18. On the expiry of 12 months written notice given by the Landlord to the Tenant to expire on any day, such notice not to be given prior to the expiry of one year from the Commencement Date. The Commencement Date on this Lease is left blank then the Commencement date will be as notified in the tenant’s standard letter to the Landlord notifying the start of the Lease.

19. If the property is vacant or becomes vacant at anytime during the 12 month notice period the Tenant may hand back the property immediately and the lease shall be deemed to have come to an end.

20. If the rent due shall be 28 days in arrears at anytime the landlord may re-enter the premises and the lease will end forthwith.

21. On the expiry of 4 weeks notice given by the Tenant to the Landlord to expire on any day.

22. If the property shall be destroyed or badly damaged or so far in need of repair as to become uninhabitable the lease shall be deemed to have come to and end.

23. If any sub-tenant remains in the Property after any notice period served by the Tenant or the Landlord, the rent to the Landlord shall be paid until the tenant moves out.

We guarantee your rent